Cobblestone Investments is a boutique investment firm specializing in real estate investments that provide a monthly cash dividend to the investor. We are unlike the ‘big guys’ since we only profit if we can make you money first and your slice of the profits are much larger than other investment companies are willing to provide you. Our extensive real estate experiences have also led us to be experts in market-specific software development for in-house use.

Our proven and unique system of finding and buying properties in fundamentally strong markets in transitional neighborhoods allows us to find some of the best cash flowing properties in a city, while still ensuring long‐term equity appreciation due to increasing demand.

We are a vertically integrated firm and provide completely hands‐free investments for our partners. This allows ordinary Canadians to own revenue real estate, collect regular dividend payments, all the while never having to worry about the headaches that managing tenants and properties bring.

Although our focus may appear to be on Real Estate, it is not. It is truly on working to meet the needs of our partners to help them attain their goals; this is our focus and passion. The vehicle we choose is Real Estate.

Let us show you how to maximize your investments, passively invest in Real Estate, and know all the while you are working with investors in ethical investing and wealth creation.

Cobblestone Investments – Paving your path to financial freedom.