In the spring of 2004, we moved out of a two bedroom townhouse condo into a new house that we had just built. Like most people, we knew that if we would be able to keep our condo as a rental unit, we would be on our way to better things, so we managed to do exactly that.

Within months it became obvious that we had no idea what we were doing, and were having troubles making ends meet at the rental, with tenant management and maintenance issues keeping us in a constant state of worry. Within a year of having our first rental unit, we decided that our mental health could not afford to keep the property, so we sold it and moved on with our lives.

It was a while later, after quickly realizing that given the poor growth of our RRSP’s, that we may one day be that Wal-Mart greeter or school bus driver that cannot afford to retire. This was not acceptable.

And this is where our Real Estate education started. We knew that Real Estate was the easiest path to wealth, but after learning first hand that it wasn’t so easy, we started to learn and study.

In these past couple years we have read dozens of books, spent a great deal of time at seminars, talked to dozens – hundreds even – of Real Estate investors, and were taken ‘under the wing’ by some hugely successful investors that we feel privileged to still call our mentors.

This education is an evolving process, and is never ending. To this day, even after some great successes in Real Estate, we are only students in the classroom of Investing.

And it is at this point in our lives that we wish to give back by helping others – paying it forward, if you will.

Cobblestone Investments was born from our combined passion for investing and helping others achieve their long-term goals through Real Estate.

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David & Diane Sandbrand
Diane Sandbrand & David Sandbrand