Simply put, the success of Cobblestone Investments is a direct result of the company we keep.

On our support team, we retain the very best people in their respective fields, including;

    • A team of exceptional Real Estate agents that helps us find and acquire top quality investment properties.
    • An amazing group of mortgage professionals that specialize in investment properties, ensuring the right financing product for our partners.
    • A crew of lawyers and paralegals that ensure our transactions are always done quickly and efficiently.
    • An accounting firm that works exclusively with Real Estate investors, ensuring that our partners get the most effective deductions and tax credits to ultimately increase profits.
    • A number of mentors that collectively have purchased several hundred investment properties.
    • A property management group that ensures our investments are being impeccably maintained and our tenants are kept happy.

plus many more including marketers, renovation experts, inspectors, appraisers, and others.

In the business of Real Estate and Investments, it truly is who you know that determines your success, and we have been blessed to have been able to form such a strong team, all for the benefit of our investor partners.

Thanks Team!