Simply put, a Joint Venture (‘JV’) is a partnership where several parties come together and create something that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Chances are, you understand the amazing power of Real Estate as a wealth creation tool. If you’ve ever owned a single property, you know that over time it goes up in value.

Maybe you’ve even considered buying an investment property, but frankly can’t be bothered with the huge amount of work it would involve. That’s certainly understandable, since your life is busy enough that the last thing you need is a phone call at 2:00 am about the water heater that is spilling water all over the basement floor (true story), or some other issue.

And that’s assuming you’ve done your research and found an area that is in a transition, found a Real Estate agent that you work well with, found a property that can be rented for enough money to cover your expenses, went through the legal process of buying the property, renovated it, and then found tenants.

Seriously – Who can be bothered?

That’s precisely why most people never invest in Real Estate, and that’s exactly where we come in to this picture. Cobblestone Investments is your partner in Wealth.

For more details, please see an example of a Joint Venture partnership here.

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